"I had the pleasure of directing Hayden in our film, A Simple Request. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, full of energy and easy to direct. I look forward to working with her again in the future!"

— Reuben Johnson, Director "A SIMPLE REQUEST

"There's not enough words to express Hayden and her ability to deliver! Pure, natural talent...a genuine, well-mannered young lady and class act! Excellent with improv, took direction very well and didn't mess up once. With her talent, she's definitely next in line to be one of Hollywood's greats, so stay tune! She's next! It was a pleasure and she'll always and forever have a home with Ryda 4 Life Filmz!"

— JayTee Thompson, Sr. (Jay 5th)-Producer/Director "A SIMPLE REQUEST"

"Hayden is a wonderful young actress. She is wise and talented beyond her years, a natural born leader, and a terrific collaborator. It's rare for a young actress to be so natural and fearless in their acting, and to work so well with others--but that is who Hayden is. Consistently great from the initial audition to "that's a wrap."

— Robert Axelrod, Executive Producer “BLANK PAGES”

"Hayden was not only well-prepared and easy to work with, but a joy to have on set. She has great energy and natural comedic timing and we can’t wait to see where her talent takes her!"

— Kallie Tenney and Sarah Soderquist, creators and directors of Gal Pals 

“Hayden is a star in the making! She was fully off book with her audition and made fantastic choices. She takes direction well and has a "Can Do" attitude. On set, she is focused and prepared to work. Her mother, Laila, is quick to respond to emails and calls which made organizing our project much easier. I look forward to being on set with the both of them again in the very near future!”


"We found a true gem when we cast Hayden as our lead in 'The Weight Of Perfection' - she is an absolute star - so brave with so much depth and talent, I often found myself forgetting that she was only 11 years old.  Words cannot express my gratitude for having her star in this film - she is so hardworking and just a delight to be around.  I want her in ALL my films!"

— Leanne Melissa Bishop, Producer & Director "THE WEIGHT OF PERFECTION"

"Hayden is a joy to work with! Her uplifting and positive attitude was a bright light that never wavered even through the long hours of shooting. I have no doubt that this miniature sized movie star will grace the big screens for many years to come!"

— Ritchie Greer, CEO of Magic Arrow Films

"I knew the minute Hayden walked in the door for her first interview with me that she had lots of "Star Quality"!  She is charismatic, spunky, super intelligent and well spoken.  We will be seeing a lot of Hayden in the entertainment industry for a long time."

— Janet Ryan,  Models Melange


“Hayden is a delight. Aside from her obvious talent, she brings professionalism, a great attitude (with a boatload of cuteness :) and takes direction very well. She’s an asset to a production”

— Lonny Stevens, Director “FAULT”
— Alex Marino, Producer “FAULT”